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5 Ways to Be Happy Now From Wellness Expert Adam Rosante

Adam Rosante, fitness expert and author of The 30 Second Body, does more than just tell you how to be toned; he incorporates health and fitness into your overall happiness. Many of us reach for temporary happiness, but Adam has some secrets to attaining constant happiness and well-being.

7 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

As we get older it gets harder and harder to stave off those extra pounds. Whether it’s our hectic schedules or just plain laziness, there are easy things we can do to make sure that we aren’t contributing to the slowing of our natural fat burner, our metabolism!

Can Health Apps Really Change Our Breast Health Behavior?

There are so many apps out there that want to help improve health, but can a mobile app really change your routine? Grad student Emery Rogers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill did a study on just that and used our Check Yourself! App as the subject to find out.

Boobies 101: 5 Ways To Help Keep Your Lymphatic System Healthy

Boobies 101: Lymphatic System! How do we protect our boobies if we don’t know what they’re all about? The Lymphatic System plays a big role in removing harmful toxins from your body and fighting infections such as cancer. Find out how it detoxes and ways you can continue to help it do so.